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Not everybody understands the intricacies of tax or has the patience for numbers and specifics. But we do. It can be hard for many businesses to keep up with tax regulations and legal requirements. Mistakes can not only be costly, but have the potential to bite back years after they were made. So why not benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business is setup and accounted for correctly, right from the start?

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The myth that can hold you back

Many businesses believe that investing in a professional accountant is costly… and that an initial consultation may be expensive or embarrassing. That is not true. Firstly, we strive to safeguard your finances and leverage any tax benefit so that your business can grow and thrive. Secondly, we know what it means to run a business – and we know that hard work and sacrifice are the seeds that must be planted before any business can bask in financial glory. Whatever your numbers are like, you don’t need to feel embarrassed or ashamed with us. Don’t wait for a significant life-moment or milestone to benefit from accountancy help. Like your own private physician, we can navigate the skeletons in your closet and set you on a clear open path ahead. can

Business advice

We have worked in many different fields and seen many scenarios over the years. We are well placed to advising business owners on what matters to consider during the many obstacles your business could face.

Accounts preparation

We can prepare your yearly HMRC and Companies House compliant accounts to satisfy your company’s requirements. You may want another set of accounts in an alternative format to which we can also prepare.


With an agreed system put in place, we can assist with the regular record keeping needed to keep your records up-to-date. We have many clients and are flexible with them – some send us physical receipts whereas some others send us electronic files.

Management accounts

Ideal for those businesses who do not want to wait until several months after their accounting year end date has passed, for their accounts to be finalised in order to make their informed interim decisions. We can produce regular accounts to suit your decision-making process.

Personal & Company tax

Rather than simply following how you have presented the records to us, we pay special attention at this step to ensure your taxes are in order. We may advise you to restructure to better align with your overall intended goals.

Payroll services

We can help calculate the amount of PAYE and NIC deductions from the employee, the employer’s liabilities and due dates. Payslips can be sent directly to the employees without the need for director intervention on what have already been agreed figures.

VAT returns

We can help to prepare your VAT returns to ensure that the correct amount of VAT is claimed. During the process we may put forward proposals e.g. that an alternative VAT scheme better suits your business and more beneficial to change.

Business registration

Your new business may take the form of a variety of available structures. You may also consider working alongside others to achieve your business goals. We can advise on the best structure at the outset.

HMRC disputes

HMRC tax disputes & investigations can happen to any business and so it would be ideal that you are freed up to focus on your operations and for us to deal with HMRC.

The potential to save you money, you didn't know you could save

No business is too small for our care and with a FREE 45-minute consultation we can get you going on the right tracks fast.

Don’t underestimate what knowing THE NUMBERS in your business can do for you. Budget, plan and focus your attention in a way that will sustain and grow your business – minus the sleepless nights, guesswork or stress.

We love to see things from our clients perspective and to demystifying our industry for their benefit. With an extremely diverse portfolio of clients – from the music industry, to medical professionals, to landlords and fitness professionals, to limited companies and partnerships, and sole traders – our expertise is broad. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of not only the public sector (which is rare), but knowledge of industry and practical experience.

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than most realise

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We provide a tailored service because every business is unique. It won’t matter if you are a Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company. Read our client stories below. 

Sole trader


Limited Company

Client testimonials

Atrium Accounts have consistently gone above and beyond for my start-up business, every step of the way ever since the early planning stage. I really can't thank David and his team enough for the support and friendly service they have provided, and continue to provide. They have taken care of SO much, and always with so much thought, simple explanation, and diligence. I am incredibly grateful for the peace of mind knowing that the accounts side of the business is being looked after by such exemplary professionals. It allows me to focus much better on the other aspects of running the business, and you can't put a figure on that.
Alice Hildred
David was recommended to me by a friend. It was the first time in ages I had used an accountant to help me file my self assessment & David couldn't of made the whole process easier. I approached him with very limited time to a deadline & he assisted me getting my accounts filed in time with no problem. His advice was invaluable & extremely helpful and his service was of the upmost profession. If you are looking for a helpful & professional accountant I would highly recommend David. He made the whole process so easy & stress free!
Katie Bleekman
I have been with David over a year now as a limited company and what a relief it is finally working with someone who can do things right with speed and a lot of knowledge! Not to mention they answer straight away or get back to you with in the day unlike my last who took 3 weeks to hear back from with a vague answer, It’s hard to find not only a very good accountant but also a very good accountant firm like this one, it’s good to know that I now have a very good team to push forward in Business and I have David to thank for that, I do and would recommend atrium accounts to anyone or any company looking for the best and the most reliable accountants
David has always offered pragmatic and sound financial advice and is my first call when considering my business strategy. He has often gone above and beyond his responsibilities as my accountant and has genuine interest in my success. He has great depth of knowledge, especially with regards to taxation, and I highly recommend his services! David has been my accountant for almost 10 years, it’s been a real joy working with someone who has consistently delivered to the highest standard, I have full confidence in David and his team’s ability to continue to provide a fantastic service.
G Hundle
It has been such a relief to work with David! I'm self-employed and have been muddling through with my accounts, reluctant to spend money on getting a professional involved. I'm so glad I eventually did - David keeps things clear, simple and thorough, and I now have peace of mind that my accounts are being done properly. I also feel in a better position to grow my business, knowing that the numbers are in safe hands!
Louise Fellows
I contacted David a couple of weeks ago after being recommended by a friend. He has been a huge help so far. He is professional and very knowledgable, quick to respond and always happy to help out - even at late hours in the night! David helped me reapply for a grant that I was unsuccessful with the first time I applied, with his help I was successful and received the grant. He also keeps me up to date with other grants I may be eligible for and helps me answer any questions I don't know the answer to. I am very pleased to have found David, I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an accountant.
Rebecca Jones

Full range of services

Business Advice | Accounts preparation | Bookkeeping | Management accounts | Personal and Company tax | Payroll services | VAT returns | HMRC tax disputes and investigations

Who Is This for?

Hospitality | Retail | Construction | Music – Record Label, Concert Promoter, Festivals and Publisher | Performing Arts | Pharmaceutical | Care Homes | Information Technology | Engineering | Wholesale Markets | Dairy | Health and Fitness | Any Industry

We have found that the clients who benefit most from our services are those who are willing to be transparent. It’s important to share your company details and story, so we can map out your best pathway forward with accuracy and clarity. The financial world is full of nuance and complexity, and although we are able to work last minute, there can be late penalties. This is why we will always help you keep to time and warn you of any pending deadlines in advance. We love to work with clients who appreciate team and partnership. And believe we believe each business is unique, all our quotes are bespoke and tailored to your unique circumstance and requirement. 

Start Ups

Just starting up? We noticed how many start-ups, start wrong. We can help you navigate the process so that your business is setup correctly in the most tax efficient way. Juggling multiple businesses? No problem, we have got you covered.

Efficient Business Operations

We will deal with HMRC so you don’t have to. With your own dedicated account manager, benefit from all your paperwork and filing done, with regular reviews of your tax efficiency to make sure that your business remains running smooth.

Your business is worth investing in


Anything of value, is worth investing into. We believe your business is of value. The financial world is complex… and without expertise and knowledge it can be easy to fall into its hidden pitfalls. With a professional accountant on your side, you will be able to navigate the challenges, ensuring that your books are kept in proper order, you are legally compliant, and you have been able to leverage tax law in a way that is just for you and your business.

Although we are biased we firmly believe that the sooner you invest in someone interested in helping you on your journey, the smoother the process is in you achieving your business goals. This means you can benefit from support no matter what stage of business you are in. We help start-ups, to fully formed multi-business organisations. If you don’t have accountancy support already and are worried about your business finance, the best time to ask for help is always now. Don’t wait until its too late.

  • Business Advice

  • Accounts preparation

  • Bookkeeping

  • Management accounts

  • Personal and Company Tax

  • Payroll services

  • VAT returns

  • Business registration 

  • HMRC tax disputes and investigations

Because every business is unique and each circumstance is different, we offer tailormade services so that the level of investment required is always fair. 

Do not be deceived by large premises or the size of an accountancy firm. Instead, rely on client testimonials and success stories, and the level of training and awarded qualifications, an accountant has. Are they well connected with other complimentary professionals and disciplines? These things are often not immediately visible, but can help you judge the person who will be supporting your business whatever life throws at you. 

We believe in working with our clients personally and for the long haul. This is why at Atrium Accounts you will not be passed from advisor to advisor. We pride ourselves on our breadth of experience, so we are can be positioned to help our clients no matter what with longevity. As a young and energetic firm, there’s no need to worry about changing advisor or rebuilding trust when a senior advisor enters retirement. 

We believe in serving our clients as best we can, and because of this we value being personable and real. You won’t find our advisors aloof or distant, although we will always be professional and will work with excellence. With email and telephone support, we will never feel far away. With experience in a wide range of industries and business types, helping businesses is our passion. You will always be more than a number with us.


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